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I took this detox for the first time last week. My wife has been doing it for a year. The amount of waste I passed out is unbelievable. I feel a lot better and will let the congregation know how much it made me feel.
Pastor Kareem
This detox has changed my life. Maybe I should say it has saved my life. I suffered from blood toxemia and was able to start the cleansing process without a transfusion using this detox as a jump start. Thanks.
This is the first time that I ever did a cleanse. My wife and mother-in-law do it all the time. This was a totally different expectation from what I believed. Five members of my family did this for the New Year.
Carlos R.
I did the juice cleanse this summer. I first ordered from a groupon. I was anxious to receive it, but as the groupon (and the website) said, orders from coupons take longer. It’s the first time I have ever done one. I was totally thrilled with the results.
Natures broom. Don’t make plans for the first few days because you will be ejecting waste like a leaking oil rig. You won’t believe how much junk comes out.
The juice cleanse worked great for me. I had a lot more energy. My feet and legs stopped hurting. I was able to hop out of bed in the morning without stiff joints. I just purchased my veggie cleanse. Can’t wait!
This is my first to doing a detox. I lost 9 lbs in 5 days. This detox cleanser worked great. I actually see that my stomach is flatter also. I’m thinking about purchasing the vegetable cleanser in the near future. I would recommend this product to family and friends.
This is a great product. If you follow the instructions YOU WILL lose up to 10lbs like I did. I tried it in 2013, and now I’m ordering it again with no worries. Thank you for a great product finally!!!
Cynthia Danzot
I tried a lot of things to get the rid of this big belly and the five day juice detox worked for me in a relatively short period. To get a flat stomach, I am going to do this detox two or three more times and add some crunches.
My family of seven which includes my wife, daughters 20, 18, 16 and my twin boys 23 all planned to do this detox right after Thanksgiving.
Percival T.
Seventeen members of our choir, my wife and I did this detox and it is amazing how much pounds we lost, how we fit into our clothes better, we feel much better and we are ready for our trip to Altanta next week. Time to dance for the Lord. Amen.
Pastor James J.
I was surprised that this detox cleanser worked so well. I was so impressed that I write a review. This Juice Cleanse will remove some waste you never thought possible. Plus it really does not taste as bad as some people make it out to be. It’s a nice tea and a kind of shake.
M. Jean-Charrriere
Your cleanse is a bomb. I swear that is what I dropped out. I had this cleanse in the box since last September 2012 and decided to use it after the Groupon jogged my memory. Whoa! Can’t believe I had been hoarding the solution to my problem a whole year. Thanks Groupon.
I was really scared to have a Colon cleansing but all the people at A Choice 4 Life made me so comfortable. From the reception girl on down, my technician was very professional and very knowledgeable. I learned a lot of things about what to eat and what not to eat.
Colonics are a God send to me and my mom. We eat so bad. We clean it out afterwards. We do this about two or three times a year and it last in between times because we do the Detox too. Highly recommend it.
Plancha H.
That colonic is the bomb. That lady had magical fingers. I plan to do this often to keep my stubborn belly down.
Montel Clark
This place is like a spa. The people are great and knowledgeable. I recommend it to all my friends.
Natari Thomas