I have diabetes. Will this play havoc with my blood sugar?

We do not diagnose, treat, cure or provide medical expertise for any illness and/or disease, therefore, if Diabetes is an issue, we suggest that you speak with your doctor about ingesting these products first. However, in our experience, Diabetic clients do well with this detox. You can add like tomatoes and cucumbers (anything with a seed is classified a fruit) or a small salad and eat fruits with less sugar, like cantaloupe, apples, kiwi, strawberries, berries, papayas, and grapefruits and also add water to your juices.

Are the drinks a substitute for food for those 5 days?

The drinks and fruit are a substitute for other foods. The object is to remove the impacted waste and undigested food. By introducing “new” food into the system, it will detox the “new” food first and ignore the “old” waste.

How long is the Detox Drink good for after it is made?

The Herbal Detox Drink will be good for 10 days if refrigerated. The Multi-Protein Drink must be kept in the freezer if not used right away and thawed the night before use. Otherwise, the protein will last in the refrigerator for a maximum of 7 days before it begins to swell. The colder, the environment, the better.

What is the youngest age recommended for using the 5 day Detox cleanse?

Eighteen years is a responsible age. But under parental or guardian supervision, depending on severity of the condition, ten years of age is acceptable if diluted 33% – 50% with water to lessen the impact of the elimination process. Though, any young person who desires such cleansing should first be encouraged to change their diet to effectively maintain their long term health.