What is the preparation for Colonic Hydrotherapy?

We advise to drink 16 oz of Prune Juice followed by intervals of water to reduce the gas and soften the waste. It is also advisable to reduce white flour and gluten products, fried foods, carbonated beverages and dairy products.

Are you getting rid of good bacteria with a Colonic treatment?

The largest portion of the intestinal flora is attached to the colonic wall and will not let go very easily. During the Colonic cleanse purified water is used. This keeps the intestinal flora in balance as it was prior to the treatments. Often the intestinal flora becomes disrupted, however, and it is therefore wise to use a product to bring the intestinal flora back in balance during or immediately after the colon hydrotherapy. Only removal of unfriendly bacteria in the large intestine (colon) occurs. Friendly bacteria is easily replaced. We encourage adding an electrolyte drink in your diet to improve hydration and balance and probiotics to improve the intestinal flora.

Is there a minimum age limit for Colonic Hydrotherapy?

Young children should first be seen by a physician (pediatrician) who will determine the severity of impaction and prescribe a treatment. Based on results and on the advice of the physician Colonic Hydrotherapy may be necessary. A children’s size speculum is used at insertion.

Will the Small Intestine be cleansed also?

No. During a colon hydrotherapy treatment only the colon will be cleansed. At the beginning of the colon there is a valve that stops any flow of water between the colon and the small intestine