Colon Hydrotherapy is a process that uses low pressure UV filtered water to flush out accumulated, impacted and hard waste from the Large Intestine or Colon.

This 30-45 minute, painless process uses a disposable speculum to allow 10–20 gallons of u-v filtered water to stimulate the muscles of the colon. Expect to experience increased energy, improved peristalsis action, relief from aches and pains, the elimination of bloating and gas and the ability to absorb nutrients better. Colon Hydrotherapy is safe. Waste loss varies between 2 and 7 lbs. depending on size and condition. Simple Preparation is suggested the day or evening prior to the session to soften waste and reduce gas.

Colonoscopy is not be confused with Colon Hydrotherapy but is often done before a Colonoscopy.

Colonoscopy is a procedure that enables an examiner (usually a gastroenterologist) to evaluate the inside of the colon (large intestine). The colonoscope is a five foot long, flexible tube about the thickness of a finger with a camera and a source of light at its tip. Under anesthesia, the colonoscope is inserted into the anus and then is advanced slowly, under visual control, into the rectum and through the colon usually as far as the cecum, which is the first part of the colon.

Gastroenterologists often suggest Colon Hydrotherapy to help remove stubborn waste from the colon prior to the test. Colon Hydrotherapy can be repeated three or more times in a year.

Colonics do not require anesthesia, and helps to remove waste, feces and toxins from the colon

Advocates of colon cleansing believe that toxins from your gastrointestinal tract can cause a variety of health problems like asthma, arthritis and allergies. They believe that colon cleansing not only improves health by removing toxins, but also boosts energy and enhances the immune system. Generally, those who choose to have colonics do it for the following reasons:

  • To remove old and impacted waste from the colon

  • To help eliminate bloating and gas

  • To help avoid constipation

  • Or to detoxify and improve overall health