Step 1.

First use your Desktop
PC, Laptop, Tablet or
Smartphone to locate
the unique Voucher Code
you received when you
purchased the item(s)
from the vendor.

Voucher Codes are
always stated as a
group of 8 Letters only,
such as FQNUGGCX or
as a group of 8 Letters and
number combinations such as


Step 2.

Choose the Product(s) you wish to redeem on the website or use the weblink provided by the
vendor. Then enter the Voucher Code in the space provided
in the Shopping Cart shown below.


Step 3.

Free Shipping is provided with most Voucher Codes and should
reflect a balance of $0.00 Total when complete.

If you choose additional items or are over the limit of the value
of the Voucher Code, you may be asked to pay for the added
items in your cart and fill in your Shipping Details.

If you need assistance for any reason
Call (800) 445-7566 or email: